Today I am so eager to introduce my first low Gi,Paleo friendly dessert recipe,the taste was original,a succulent mixture of fruity nut toffee of dates with natural fresh water taste of lettuce at the heart of the recipe,the base of steamed beetroots juice makes your mouth feel life and raw freshness and at once  the sweet nectarines envelope your tongue with their tropical taste empowering you immediately with energy and keeping you satiated for long .DSC04236



7 dates.

1cup of beetroots juice(steam 5 beets with water untill they become soft then blend and keep in the fridge untill cold)

1 nectarine.

1 banana(medium).

1 head of lettuce.

How to make:

Shred the head of lettuce,slice the banana,half the 7 dates to14 halves,cut the whole nectarine into small pieces or cut half of it and fill the other half with a date,pay attention to the bone.Eat fresh and enjoy!

Nutritious facts:

7dates each one 8grams:Calories 155.Total Fat 0g0%.Carbs 41.831g13%.Dietary Fiber 4.723g20%.Sugars 35.759g.Protein 1.349g.

A head of lettuce=one cup=8calories,fat:0.1g,sugar:1.1g,protein:0.5g,carbs:1.6g,fiber:0.7g,sodium:6mg,Vitamin A 6% , Vitamin C 3%,Calcium 1% · Iron 1%.

1Nectarine:Calories 62.Calories from Fat 4.Total Fat 0.5g1%.Polyunsaturated Fat 0.2g.Monounsaturated Fat 0.1g.Carbs 15.0g5%.Dietary Fiber 2.4g10%.Sugars 11.2g.Protein 1.5g.

Beetroots 100 g:Calories 30.Carbs 6.0g2%.Protein 1.5g.

Banana (medium 118 g):Calories 105.Total Fat 0.0g.Carbs 27.0g.Sodium 1mg.Dietary Fiber 3.0g. Sugars 14.0g.Protein 1.0g.

Vitamin A 2% · Vitamin C 17%
Calcium 1% · Iron 2%.

Try it ,and tell me your description of the whole scene.cheers!

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